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Matt is a second-year medical student from The University of Melbourne. He achieved a Bachelor of Biomedicine degree at The University of Melbourne in 2019, and is now doing his placement in the Royal Melbourne Hospital. Matt’s key academic interests are Biology, Mathematics and Physics.

Matt studied Biomedicine and Medicine at school and achieved Dean’s list. Matt Also took GAMSAT and scored 70 on average and 85 in part III. 

He has 2 years of experience in VCE Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry for Biomedicine. He has a deep understanding of a variety of science and mathematics subjects, and believes a broad and good understanding of these subjects is the key to GAMSAT success. 

Matt is a key member of The University of Melbourne MD Student Conference PR team. Matt is also a member of the Chinese Culture Society PR Team and the China Rural Education Initiative. 

Matt is keen to help students who are interested in GAMSAT part III and medical interviews. He believes working on their weakness will help students get maximum progression out of a limited amount of time. He believes encouragement from peers and mentors will help students stay motivated and work effectively towards their goals. As a tutor, Matt is good at spotting students’ weaknesses and direct them to do the right practice to make substantial improvements. 

In his free time, Matt enjoys bouldering, free diving and skiing.

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