UCAT Winter Course 2021

UCAT Winter Course 2021

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MedView’s UCAT Winter Course takes place in advance of the UCAT testing cycle, and is focused on ensuring students are exam ready. With 20 hours of intensive group teaching and 3 mock exams, this course is ideal for students wishing to intensively prepare for the UCAT, or as a revision of what they have learnt. 

MedView's UCAT Winter Course includes:

  • 20 Hours of intensive group teaching
    • 4 x 5 hour in person classes delivered early June 2021
    • Recorded videos of the course for revision
  • 3 Full Mock Exams sat under exam conditions
    • 2 hour recorded exam review for each mock
    • Forecast UCAT Scaled Score and Percentile
    • Written explanations for every question
    • Video explanations for every question
  • Access to MedView Synapse, MedView’s Online Learning Platform with 2,500+ UCAT questions
    • Question bank with written answer explanations for every question
    • 5 complete practice exams

Cities: Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide
Classes (10am - 3:30pm):
June 5th, 6th, 12th, 13th
Mock Exams (10am - 12:15pm):
June 19th, 26th, July 3rd
Brisbane - University of Queensland, St Lucia
Melbourne - Engine House, St Kilda
Sydney - 20 Bond Street, Sydney CBD
Adelaide - Express Training Connections, Adelaide CBD

Sales Close: This course is available for sale until 31st May, 2021 on a first come, first served basis. Spaces are limited.

Intensive Group Teaching

MedView’s UCAT Curriculum has been designed by our expert team of Doctors and medical students. Each section is comprehensively broken down into different question types to replicate the exam format. Each question type has been analysed in detail, and students are provided with the optimal strategies for success. The curriculum has a focus on speed and is designed to maximise accuracy under the immense time pressure of the UCAT. 

MedView’s UCAT Winter Course is taught by one of our top UCAT tutors. During teaching hours, tutors will outline strategies for every question type and provide worked examples across all levels of question difficulty. Students will be given the opportunity to practice answering questions using the strategies they learn in class, and offered exercises and timed tests designed to simulate exam conditions. 

A recording of a MedView Winter Course will be made available online for revision and to replace any missed classes.

UCAT Full Mock Exam

The course concludes with 3 UCAT mock exams which simulate the UCAT experience under real exam conditions. Students will receive an exam review, which will break down the overall performance of the cohort. The questions with the worst results will be reviewed in detail, with a focus on practical strategies that can be applied for future questions. Written and video answer explanations will also be provided for every question. 

MedView Synapse - MedView’s Learning Platform  

On purchase, students will receive access to Synapse - MedView’s learning platform. Synapse features over 2,500 questions each with written answer explanations. Synapse mimics the real UCAT experience with timers and an online calculator. Synapse is customisable - students can control which question types they practice and how often. Students can complete their learning online, with a further 5 practice exams delivered on the platform


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MedView also offers UCAT Summer Course (January), UCAT Long Course (March - May) and UCAT private tutoring hours. We can also book you in for a free academic assessment with one of our advisers, who can discuss our broad range of services with you as well as your medical school plans. If you have further questions please email admin@medview.co.nz and we'll get in touch with you!