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It's never too late to start your medical journey - MedView GAMSAT students are 2.5x more likely to gain admission into medical school!

The GAMSAT is known to be difficult because it’s the longest medical school admissions test in the world 😱 Does the idea of a 5.25-hour exam seem daunting to you? You're not alone! Over 10,000 students take the GAMSAT every sitting and only the top 20-25% make it to the interview stage. Do you have what it takes to emerge at the top?

Board the vessel to success with our specially developed GAMSAT curriculum! 

  • Experience fully customised tutoring sessions with our 1:1 tutoring to improve your GAMSAT skills according to your weaknesses, at your own pace 👣
  • Stay on track with your preparations with our full-length exams with score analysis and prediction
  • Test your progress through our marked essays with detailed feedback


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