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Your interview can count for up to 50% of your application so don't trip up at the final hurdle & make sure to prepare with MedView! 

The interview is your chance to prove to the universities that you deserve a coveted spot in medical school! There are hundreds of students sitting the interviews each year so it is important to stand out from the rest and be prepared. Practice makes perfect! 


  • Receive fully customised guidance based on your strengths and weaknesses
  • Receive genuine feedback and valuable insights from our team of experienced tutors who are all current medical students or doctors, based on their firsthand experience 
  • To help build confidence through consistence practice, constructive feedback and confidence-building exercises 
  • Save time researching on your own and let us provide you with structured guidance, maximising your efficiency and effectiveness 
  • Students who do MMI tutoring will be better equipped to stand out and have a competitive advantage 
  • MedView's MMI tutoring and programmes cover all aspects of the interview process including mock interviews, scenario-based practice and feedback sessions - a holistic approach to make sure you are well equipped to excel in any MMI scenario! 
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