MedView's GAMSAT curriculum is developed by an elite pool of tutors and product developers that had scored in the 99th percentile on the GAMSAT. That puts them in the top 1% of postgraduate medical students in Australia!


Chloe is an MD student at the University of Melbourne. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Advanced) at the University of Sydney with high distinction.

She has a rich experience in tutoring high school subjects and university-level Human Biology, Anatomy and Physiology. She also teaches GAMSAT S1 and S2, and assists in medical interview preparation with MedView. 

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Mathilde is a MD student at the University of Queensland. She has obtained a section 2 score in the 98th percentile in GAMSAT.

Mathilde is a very experienced tutor with 5 years of experience as a key member of the undergraduate teaching team at QUT for the schools of Nursing and Biomedical Sciences.

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Reuel is an Exercise and nutrition science graduate from The University of Queensland, now in his first year of MD at the University of Sydney.

He received the Dean's Commendations for Academic Excellence in both 2016 and 2017, and a Summer Research Scholarship in 2018/2019. He was involved in the facilitation of the International Society of Biomechanics Congress 2017 and Mater Hospital as an ambassador.

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Lizzie is a Research Scientist at the University of New South Wales in the Adult Cancer program. She has a Bachelors in Science/Arts and a Masters in Medical Biotechnology, specialising in molecular biology, biochemistry, and history.

She was a Debating Prefect at Kambala and has since coached and adjudicated debating. Lizzie was the recipient of the LongTan Leadership and Teamwork Award and the Helen Beh Scholarship for her contribution to the Faculty of Science at the University of Sydney.

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Katherine is a Junior Doctor who has recently graduated from the University of Sydney.

Prior to studying medicine, she completed a double degree in Law (with Honours) and Science (majoring in Physiology and Biochemistry). Katherine has achieved a score of 86 (99th percentile) on Section II of the GAMSAT. She was awarded the Dean's Commendation for Science and also completed the prestigious Moot Court subject for Law.

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